Our kids need a world-class education to prepare them to compete in a global workforce. Our graduates aren’t simply competing with their peers in their community for jobs, but with people across the globe. Additionally, reports anticipate 38% of US jobs lost to automation in the next 15 years and we must prepare our students for that reality.

A good education begins with being fed. No hungry child can learn. Texas should provide free breakfasts and lunches across all of our public schools for every student. Nearly 62% of students are being fed through these programs and I believe breakfasts and lunches should be available for 100% of our Texas students.

Texas teachers are the foundation of our schools. We should be strengthening pay and benefits for our public school teachers. A pension is a promise and we cannot take that away or reduce the guarantee though privatization which is nothing more than a handout to big financial and investment firms.


Rural Internet

We need to increase rural access to the internet to help foster growth in our rural areas. It is necessary to develop rural internet service that matches what is available in large cities to bridge this division. Rural areas need reliable high-speed broadband internet at an affordable price. This infrastructure should be treated as a basic utility and government subsidized similar to how electricity and phone service was delivered to rural areas.

Business requires reliable high-speed internet service and without it we cannot foster the growth needed in our rural areas. Jobs have been leaving rural areas and we need to be aggressive in making these areas attractive for business development. Rural growth and good jobs depend on access to reliable internet service. Our rural residents should have the same access to information and online learning as their peers in big cities.

Not only business, but modern health care relies on high-speed reliable internet. Imaging and monitoring and sharing information between providers means better health care for patients.


Human Rights

Women have the right to reproductive care and family planning without the intrusion of government.

Our LGBTQ friends, family, and neighbors have the right to live their lives without discrimination.

We must have comprehensive criminal justice reform and allow non-violent offenders the opportunity for rehabilitation.

We must finally recognize health care as a human right and have a universal single-payer health care system in the US.

We must have equity for all Texans.


During the 2017 Texas legislative session, I spent a number of days at the Capitol attending rallies, campaigning on behalf of causes I care about, sitting through floor debates, as well as voicing my opinion on several bills. My name is on public record as a witness on several bills as they were going through committee and you can Click Here for a list that shows each bill when I was a witness and my position for or against.


Michelle’s Responses to Candidate Questionnaires